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What We Do

What We Do

At Infectious Diseases Associates of North Central Florida we are committed to improve the overall health of our community with the aim of providing comprehensive state of the art treatment for infectious diseases. Established in 2009. Today we operate to improve the health of our community by promoting excellence in patient care, education, research, public health, infection control and patient awareness on the threat of emerging infections.

Our team of specialists diagnose and treat these conditions in order to prevent the spread of them throughout the community. While our services are provided on an inpatient and outpatient basis through Physician Consultation, every patient is carefully evaluated by a Board certified provider and given the time and opportunity to discuss their concerns. We serve as a leader in epidemiology and Infection Control and Prevention in the community, due to our prudent processes and exceptional patient care.

How to reach us

We operate all 7 days a week for infusion therapy, including all major holidays and 4 days a week for consulting services. We abide by a strict policy to see our new patients within 48 hours of initial referral.

Insurance and Benefits Verification

Insurance benefits verification is the process of verifying the patient's active medical coverage with the insurance company and preventing billing issues. We accept most insurance plans, including workers compensation. Find a list of all the insurance plans we accept below.

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Tri-Care
  • BCBS
  • United Health Care
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Freedom
  • Workers Compensation

Our Services

Consultation Services

These appointments are typically scheduled within 48-hours from the point of initial referral. During this short initial screening appointment, the counselor will gather additional information from you, get a clearer picture of your needs, and begin to plan with you the most appropriate course of action.

IV Antibiotic Therapy

Intravenous antibiotic treatment is used for serious infections that require treatment that cannot be provided with oral antibiotics. We provide this therapy throughout all 365 days of the year.

PICC Line Placement arrangement and removal

The purpose of the PICC insertion procedure is to provide medicinal therapy and fluids, such as antibiotics, total parenteral nutrition (vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.), blood products, immunoglobulins and chemotherapy, through an intravenous catheter.

Basic Wound Care

Proper wound care prevents infection and other complications, and also helps speed up the healing process with less scarring.

Blood Work/Labs

We provide caring, efficient, reliable, and high-quality specialty laboratory testing services to support you in effectively managing your health.

Patient/Caregiver Education and Training

A health-care provider-initiated process to facilitate the patient or caregiver's acquisition of knowledge and skills related to his or her medical condition and participation in its management.

Professional on call Nurse 24/7

Trusted specialists on call for home care in Ocala. We connect you with the best nurses and caregivers to meet your health care needs 24 hours a day, all 7 days a week.

HIV Counseling, Management and Treatment

Counseling to cope with stress and to make personal decisions related to HIV/AIDS. The counseling process includes the evaluation of personal risk of HIV transmission and the facilitation of preventive behavior.

Intravenous Hydration

Intravenous hydration provides the fluid that the body needs when a patient cannot take enough fluid by mouth. The contents of the infusion may include, alone or in combination, sterile water, glucose and electrolytes.

Travel Medicine

Travel medicine or emporiatrics deals with the prevention and management of health problems, diseases and conditions that are acquired during travel.

Infusion Services

We offer our patients the convenience of being treated in our spacious spa-like infusion suite. In addition, if their insurance approves, patients can be infused in the comfort of their own home without being admitted to the hospital. Our Physician carefully plans a course of therapy for each individual patient and infection.


We now treat our patients remotely via video-chat. The objective is to provide more accessible and convenient healthcare, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. A wide variety of treatment including Allergies, Flu, Infections, Rashes, Respiratory Infections, Sinusitis, Skin Inflammations, Bladder Infections and UTIs etc. can be diagnosed via telemedicine. In light of current pandemic, this service is now extended to patients covered by Medicare too.

Meet the Team

Dr. Ivan Soosaipillai


An exceptional student at the prestigious American Schiller International University in London, England, Dr. Ivan was the recipient of the ‘Sir Isaac Newton Award’ for his excellence in Science. He attended and graduated from medical school at St. Georges University School of Medicine in Grenada in 2001.

Dr. Ivan has had the unique opportunity to train in England and the United States as a medical student and learn from both countries’ diverse medical cultures. In 2004, he completed his Postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and enrolled for a fellowship program in Infectious Diseases at the Seton Hall University, New Jersey.

He moved to Ocala in 2006 and initiated this establishment in 2009. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and over the last decade has worked to establish himself as a credentialed member at Munroe Regional Medical Center, Ocala Regional Medical Center, West Marion Community Center and Kindred. He is also a member of the ‘Infectious Disease Society of America’ and the American College of Physicians’.

Accolades Dr. Ivan has received over the years:
‘America’s Top Physician’ Award

For 9 consecutive years from 2009 to 2017 Awarded by the Consumer Research Council of America.

‘Most Compassionate Doctor’ Award

In 2011 and 2013 - Patient’s Choice Award

‘Top 10 Doctor 2014 Vital Awards’

Tanya Johnson

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Tanya embarked on her journey in nursing in 2003 from Central Florida Community College and went on to complete her Bachelors of Science in Nursing at University of Central Florida in 2008. She has accumulated experience in her field as a Registered Nurse from Munroe Regional Medical Center and Heart and Vascular Center of Ocala and has also completed her Master of Science in Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of South Florida in 2012.

She is proficient in providing complete physical examinations, diagnosing and treating health conditions with a focus on disease and prevention and health management. She also conducts health teaching and counseling to support healthy lifestyle behaviors and prevent illnesses. However, it is her compassionate nature and dedication as a caregiver that make her stand out in her service. Her longstanding term at the Infectious Disease Associates of North Central Florida since 2013 has made her a valuable member of the clinic and the confidante for our patients.

Tanya is also certified as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner by the ANCC and a Registered Nurse at the Florida Department of Health.


Gerrit Van Den Thoorn


June-July 2020

Upon meeting Dr. Ivan, I immediately knew that he had my health interest as one of his top priorities. He studied my medical records, formulated a detailed treatment plan, discussed it thoroughly with me, and wasted no time in putting it into action. His well-trained, friendly staff go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable. Everyone is required to wear masks, and the treatment area is laid out in conformance to CDC guidelines; all of which made me feel safe during this Covid-19 outbreak.

Denene Wright


May-July 2020

All staff are helpful and friendly. Dr. Ivan listens and is attentive to details on my case (which has been unusual). He is very knowledgeable of treatment options and outcomes. All infusion nurses are helpful and caring. Star has been amazing and has made treatment as enjoyable as possible.

Rating: 5

Roopnarine Sinichar


June-July 2020

The nurse is very kind and very friendly. She keeps the place clean and organized. She treats everyone very nicely and takes good care of them.

Rating: 5

John Paton

Leg Infection

May-June 2020

Everyone was very concerned about my condition and were very nice to me. Everything was perfect!

Rating: 5

Thomas Mathews


June-July 2020

Everyone is extremely friendly. My treatments have gone very well.

Rating: 5

Rosemarie Snow


June-July 2020

I liked the doctor and all the friendly staff, plus the cleanliness.

Rating: 5

Brian Brendel

Spinal Infection

May-July 2020

Very nice, always smiling, perfect greeting every time I walk in. Dr. Ivan is caring, strong, to the point with a full explanation. Everyone has great knowledge of their jobs.

Rating: 5

Merry Douglas

Foot Infection

July 2020

Clean, efficient, friendly. The staff works very well as a team. Nurse Star is a star!

Rating: 5

John Skinner

Bone Infection

June 2020

When I came in, they always greeted me with a nice hello. They took the time to have a nice word or two and they all did their jobs with care. Everything was clean, everyone was nice and everyone is appreciated. Thank you all!

Rating: 5+

Ellyn Lorincz

Foot Ulcer

May-June 2020

All staff were very sweet and knowledgeable. They were accommodating with me having to bring my 5 y/o daily for IV antibiotic therapy.

Rating: 5+

Rana Hutson

Bone Infection

April 2020

Professional staff, clean environment. Always courteous and kind. Treats patients with respect and patience. Really good about answering questions and explaining homework.

Rating: 5



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